• Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Shopkeepers and Artisans, (TCCSA) (KTEZO in Turkish abbreviation) is the largest and most institutional body of the shopkeepers and artisans operating in different sectors in the country.

  • The Chamber continues its efforts in order to increase the quality and standards of professions and enterprises, to ensure fair competition conditions for businesses and sectors and to protect the rights of its members.

  • TCCSA takes its place in every platform to reduce the impacts of economic and social problems. TCCSA works with TC government, bureaucracy and Parliament, to design legal and administrative arrangements in line with the interests of its members and for TC community.

  • It endeavours to solve local problems of shopkeepers and artisans through regional organizations.

  • It works to improve the relations of the Chamber with international institutions and to become a trustworthy partner.

  • TCCSA participate to all legal works and projects, to ensure that consumer rights, production standards and procedures are also valid for our country within the framework of EU norms and regulations.

  • It carries out its activities by undertaking important responsibilities in the field of vocational and technical education, in order to increase the participation of qualified local personnel to the labour force through vocational training. For this purpose TCCSA established one and only Apprenticeship and Lifelong Learning Centre in the TC community.

  • TCCSA believes that the participation of the society into production processes is the basic condition of existence as a country and society. For this purpose, TCCSA contributes to the development of local products by establishing production and marketing cooperatives.

  • TCCSA believes that the country and its members should join the international community within international law through a fair and just agreement among two main communities in Cyprus. It also fulfils its duties in this regard.